Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Meeting

Our first meeting was a huge success. We had over 50 people in attendance! This post will be a recap of the meeting for anyone interested.

We started by introducing the officers who introduced what Standout has done in the past, and ideas for this semester such as trans housing, volunteer events, and an awareness campaign.

Then every other person found a new seat and introduced themselves to the person next to them. Everyone then introduced to the group the person next to them with their name, major, year, and 'Song of the Summer'.

Next, everyone went around and put up an answer to four questions with markers on big sheets of paper. When we were done we discussed each question.

What queer issues are most important to you?
      - Asexuality issues
      - Homeless advocacy
      - Trans housing on campus
      - Coming out
      - ENDA
      - Protecting the GSC

Queer individuals that inspire you?
      - StaceyAnn Chin
      - Lady Gaga

What brought you here?
      - The desire to help others
      - Showing people queer people aren't harmful

How do we make change? 
      - Volunteering
      - Advertising
      - Conversations with people
      - Protests/Rallies
      - Lobbying

The remaining portion of the meeting held announcements. 

      - HangOut starts 8/31 from 10pm-12am at the Starbucks in the Union, and is every Wednesday at the same time and place.
      - The Queer Welcome Carnival is 9/2 from 5-9pm in the Rec Sports Center

After the meeting a large group headed down to TCBY for some frozen treats!

Please join us for our next meeting 9/6 from 7-8pm in SAC 3.112 Balcony Room B everyone (including allies!!) is welcome.

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