Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome Newcomers!

We want to welcome all orientees and new students this summer. We also want to invite anyone from Orientation week 4 to go to the Gender and Sexuality Center (GSC) today from 3-4 to meet with the StandOut officers and other queer organizations on campus. Everyone be sure to check out our first meeting of the fall semester on August 30th at 7pm in SAC 3.112 Balcony Room B, it will be a blast!
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Below are the minutes from a sample meeting from a previous semester so anyone interested can get a feel for how meetings are run and what the organization is like.
 Click on the links in the minutes to see the fulfillment of our plans or for more information about a topic.

We started by viewing:
Daily Show with Jon Stewart clip – Ken Mehlmen

Introductions and ice breaker question – Which human rights activist do you find most inspiring?

Coming Out Week – What should StandOut do for our event for Coming Out Week?

  • “Coming out closet” door on West Mall for people to sign
  • Have a kiss-in with the door display
  • Rally?
Closet Door

Bayard Rustin and Malcolm X debate clip

Remaining time was a discussion on Competitive Insurance Benefits:
   - Overview of the issue
   - Faculty Benefits article
   - Cooperation vs Separation
• Scott Parks, UT Student Body President spoke at meeting:
   - Board of Regents has ability to change CIB policy
   - All appointees of Gov. Rick Perry
• Done in other states
   - Using the language “Other qualified individual” allows it to go around DOMA laws
   - Want to bring together faculty, staffalumni, and student groups who are
all in support, but are separate
• There is a void in unified voice for UT at the capitol
   - The bill will be most effective with broad coalition of support
   - Elliot Naishtat is expected to introduce the bill
      - More powerful if someone unexpected brought up issue in session
   - StandOut will serve as a student voice for CIB
      - Possibilities of what we can accomplish for CIB as a student org:
         - Testifying in front of Congressional committees
      • Easy to do
         - Can hold another rally
         - Letters to editor
CIB Rally on Valentines Day 2011

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