Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1/31/12 Meeting Recap

We started the meeting with introductions and the ice-breaker, "most awkward elevator story."

We discussed the change in language from "gender neutral housing" to "gender inclusive housing", and how gender neutral housing sounds very specific and not as encompassing as gender inclusive housing. We discussed some details of the upcoming campaign, such as getting parents of our members to write supportive letters about gender inclusive housing that we can attach to our proposal.

We then split up into 3 groups: a handout group, a petition group, and a website group, all centered on the gender inclusive housing campaign.

The handout group worked on handouts to give out when StandOut tables on West Mall next week. The handouts include a logo, a brief description of the campaign, and a tinyurl to the gender inclusive housing tab on our website.

The petition group worked on creating a petition for UT students to sign, and how to best ensure that the petition will be easy to access while making sure that only UT students are able to sign it (so as to have realistic stats on student support).

The website group worked on adding a new tab to StandOut's blogspot for gender inclusive housing, and worked out what information to include and how to organize it within the post. They also made a tinyurl for the new tab:

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